Before enrolling in the Skills Bootcamp, Meaza was unemployed and faced challenges finding suitable work due to the flexibility required for caring for her children. Juggling parenting responsibilities and finding a job that could accommodate her schedule proved to be a significant challenge.

Meaza decided to enrol in the Skills Bootcamp course offered by Pathway SkillsZone Green Man due to its time flexibility and friendly approach. Pathway provided the support and encouragement she needed to pursue a career in the care sector. Recognising the challenges faced by single parents, Pathway SkillsZone offered a programme that catered to Meaza’s needs and allowed her to gain valuable skills and knowledge.


The Skills Bootcamp provided Meaza with a comprehensive programme that covered various aspects of working in the care sector. The course involved:

  • Training in communication skills.
  • Building confidence.
  • Understanding safeguarding practices.
  • Preparing for job interviews.

The course was well-structured, and the Pathway SkillsZone Green Man team ensured all participants received personalised attention and support.

Meaza enjoyed learning about safeguarding practices and improving her communication skills the most during the course. The practical aspects, such as preparing for job interviews and building her CV, were precious. Additionally, she appreciated the opportunity to meet new people with similar career aspirations.

Completing the Skills Bootcamp course with Pathway positively impacted Meaza’s career prospects. The training and support provided by Pathway prepared her for job opportunities in the care sector. With their assistance, she secured a four-week paid training position in a care home. Although she is not currently working full-time or part-time, she works as a bank staff member, taking shifts when called upon. She is being paid the London Living Wage for the shifts she works.


The Skills Bootcamps training provider, Pathway SkillsZone Green Man, supported Meaza throughout the process by providing exceptional support and assistance. They helped her secure job training, prepared her for interviews, and offered guidance on working in the care sector. The Pathway team created a supportive and comfortable learning environment, ensuring Meaza’s success.

Meaza faced challenges in finding suitable work due to her caring responsibilities and the flexibility required to accommodate her children. However, through the Skills Bootcamp, she saw an opportunity to gain valuable skills and training in the care sector. Meaza encourages other Londoners, especially parents, to open their minds and take advantage of such opportunities to achieve their career goals.



In addition to her experiences with the Skills Bootcamp, Meaza would like to emphasise the importance of choosing Pathway Bootcamp for those looking to get back on track in their careers. Pathway provided unwavering support and assistance, helping her gain confidence and develop her skills in the care sector.

Meaza learned about Skills Bootcamps through the Clapham Job Centre, which was a valuable resource in connecting her with Pathway SkillsZone Green Man and the opportunities they offered.