Before enrolling in the Skills Bootcamp, Meaza was unemployed and faced challenges finding suitable work due to the flexibility required for caring for her children. Juggling parenting responsibilities and finding a job that could accommodate her schedule proved to be a significant challenge.

Meaza decided to enrol in the Skills Bootcamp course offered by Pathway SkillsZone Green Man due to its time flexibility and friendly approach. Pathway provided the support and encouragement she needed to pursue a career in the care sector. Recognising the challenges faced by single parents, Pathway SkillsZone offered a programme that catered to Meaza’s needs and allowed her to gain valuable skills and knowledge.

Collaborating with Skills Bootcamps for the first time, The British Home experienced unwavering support from the training provider throughout the process. Luke and Clare, the dedicated representatives from Pathway SkillsZone Green Man, exhibited professionalism and a profound understanding of the charity’s unique requirements. They invested considerable effort in familiarising themselves with the operations and values of The British Home, ensuring a well-aligned selection process. Luke even visited the premises to gain firsthand insight into the importance of personalised, client-centred care provided by the organisation. Maintaining close communication with the candidates, Luke ensured they received optimal guidance and support during their Skills Bootcamp journey.
Engaging in Skills Bootcamps yielded numerous benefits for The British Home and its workforce. The organisation successfully recruited professional staff members who not only fulfilled the specific demands of the business but also resonated with its shared values and purpose—by broadening the applicant pool through Skills Bootcamps, The British Home welcomed individuals with diverse backgrounds and life experiences, fostering a more inclusive and representative workforce. This diversity enhanced the quality of care and allowed for a more holistic approach to supporting the individuals under their care. The Skills Bootcamp has already made a significant difference to The British Home. It provided a more stable recruitment pipeline, particularly valuable in the challenging health and care sector. Improved retention rates and increased job satisfaction among the workforce have translated into higher-quality care services and improved client outcomes.

Reflecting on their experience, The British Home offers valuable tips for other businesses looking to engage in Skills Bootcamps. They emphasise the importance of close collaboration with the training provider to ensure a deep understanding of specific business needs. By actively participating in candidate engagement activities, such as speaking with potential candidates and sharing insights about the organisation and the care sector, businesses can foster a sense of partnership with learners while also assessing their suitability for the role.

The British Home is grateful for the partnership with Skills Bootcamps and its positive impact on their business. They encourage other companies in the care sector to explore the benefits of Skills Bootcamps to address recruitment challenges, enhance the quality of care, and cultivate a diverse and inclusive workforce.