What career paths are available for apprentices and vocational learners in your sector?

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Vocational training plays a crucial role in preparing and positioning apprentices and learners for the workplace by providing information and guidance on career paths. In addition, the learners are supported to acquire self-development and career management skills relevant to pursuing a career.

This opportunity for continuous learning and improvement places the learners in a position to either progress in their existing careers or switch paths where applicable.

In the educational sector, it is common to see learners progress into the role of trainers or assessors. With the educational sector accounting as the fourth largest provider of apprenticeships, it is a popular sector choice for learners who wish to upskill or change careers because of its low entry barrier. A sub-sector of the educational sector, further education (FE), has no specific entry path. However, the providers look out for three basic things: subject knowledge, industry experience and practical skills. In some cases, providers offer support through a teaching qualification or an apprenticeship. Alternatively, the apprentice has the opportunity for personal training.

Further education is aimed at learners who wish to undergo an apprenticeship, progress in their professional career, study a vocation and or learn a trade, irrespective of their age, background, or level of education. It equally creates opportunities for learners who have attained competence in vocational or subject areas to train as teachers. The learner benefits from receiving training from industry experts and becoming competent teachers.

Apprenticeships are highly recommended for roles that involve working with children and young adults, such as teaching assistants, apprentice teachers, early years educators, specialist support and learning support assistants. This learning method helps to build confidence and gain the practical and relevant work experience necessary for the role.

Whatever sector you are considering, there exist career opportunities, with 15% of employers stating that apprentices are more employable. Topping the list of providers is the health and care sector, while the education sector ranks 4th indicative of its popularity.

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