Catering and hospitality

The catering and hospitality sector serves up a host of different apprenticeships in restaurants, cafés, pubs, bars, nightclubs and hotels.


What’s a job in Catering and hospitality?

The sector also includes customer service roles, as well as working in the supply network that provides food and drink to other industries. Schools, colleges, hospitals and large businesses often have canteens and catering staff too. You could train as a chef in a restaurant, or learn how to cook on a large scale for institutions such as the NHS. You could also be ‘front of house’ welcoming guests or helping management ensure effective day-to-day operations.

Who would suit a career in Catering and hospitality?

The hospitality and catering industry has a wide variety of career opportunities, so whether you want to work in a hotel, restaurant or even own your own B&B, being an apprentice will allow you to learn the necessary skills to progress in this exciting sector.

It is likely that you experience the catering and hospitality industry more often than you even realise. From private or corporate catering in the UK to international events such as the world’s biggest music festivals, your career in catering and hospitality could take you far.

It’s important to remember that the catering and hospitality industry goes beyond food preparation, you could be involved in design, events attraction and creation. If you’re interested in creating a delicious Michelin star quality menu for a corporate ball or designing the perfect décor for a wedding, this industry is the perfect one for you.

A career in either hospitality or catering can be very rewarding if you enjoy meeting new people, you’re very organised and you like to please customers and ensure their needs are met in every way that you can. There are plenty of entry-level roles if you feel like you would like to work your way up in the business, and many graduate jobs if the academic route is more your speed.


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