Healthcare and Childcare Services

An job in public health, social care or childcare services offers the gateway to a rewarding career that can really make a difference. Roles in public health help support the most vulnerable members of society and the general population.


What’s a job in healthcare and childcare services?

There is a constant, and ever increasing, demand for the services offered by the public health, social care and childcare services sector. The services provided are vital across the country and workforce shortages put the population’s most vulnerable at risk. Apprenticeships ensure the sector continues with a skilled workforce that will bring the positive changes needed in the population.

Public health, social care and childcare services are all careers where people, health and the best interests of individuals in the community are at the centre of every role and project. You might aspire to run your own early years day nursery or perhaps you’d love to head up a charity or work with vulnerable people to help make their lives better. There are also opportunities to be involved in policy-making and driving positive change in communities.

Who would suit a job in Public Health, Social Care and Childcare Services?

There are a vast number of different roles in this sector and depending on the route you choose, roles could include housing officer, care worker, health and safety officer, welfare officer, social worker or public health manager.

Employers in this sector vary enormously, from the NHS to the Prison and Probation service to local authorities and private care homes. Many charities such as Age Concern, Mencap, YMCA, alongside schools, colleges and nurseries offer apprenticeships in public health, social and childcare services.

A job in this sector would be a good choice for you if you have a passion for helping people, an aptitude for solving problems, have great communication skills and are seeking a career that will be both meaningful and rewarding.

Jobs in public health, social and childcare services are available at all levels in many different disciplines. With such a wide range of options available, it’s essential to check the individual vacancies for details.


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